Is Organic Landscaping Good For Your Yard?


Curb appeal is the first impression a potential buyer gets when looking at a property. A well-kept landscape will make a big difference in making a positive first opinion. Riverwood Landscape can help you ensure your lawn looks impressive and colorful to set the right tone for the home when buyers walk in. Learn more here about how to improve the value of your property through stunning landscape designs. The increased awareness of soil conservation and the rising water crisis encourage homeowners to adapt to naturally sustainable landscapes. According to studies, there is a shift in the trend towards organic lawn care and landscaping.

What Is Organic Landscaping?

Organic landscaping is the development and preservation of naturally sustaining yards. This process uses chemical-free approaches and biology to enable the soil to regenerate and naturally support healthy plants. The traditional landscaping process focuses on feeding and maintaining the plant above the ground without proper care for the soil underneath. Prolonged chemical fertilizers usage kill the microorganisms and compress the soil, preventing it from releasing the nutrients. This major obstacle leads to the depletion of soil, unable to sustain plant growth.

How To Switch To Organic Lawn Care?

Synthetic materials from lawn care products pose a threat to the ecosystem, biodiversity, and also your kids. Changing to organic landscaping and lawn care is the ideal choice to protect the earth and your family. Here are some tips to easily shift to eco-friendly landscapes.

Select The Right Grass

Similar to plants and shrubs, lawn grasses have the location and climate constraints. If your grass isn’t suited to your environment or lawn conditions, it would necessitate considerably more upkeep and, in some cases, chemical weed control. As a result, it’s critical to start your lawn with the right type of grass that can withstand your traffic demands and climatic situations.

Feed Your Soil

Soil is the backbone of a healthy lawn. When the soil is properly maintained, it will naturally feed the plant and create green turfs. There are several natural ways to enhance the soil without the use of chemicals. The best method is to use organic fertilizer once a year to strengthen the soil. When replacing your grass, try amending the soil with organic additives like compost.

Use Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are made from a natural decomposition process and are quickly absorbed by plants. Instead of feeding your grass, organic lawn fertilizer feeds your soil, enhancing soil quality by promoting microorganism’s growth. As a result, lawn grasses’ health increases, resulting in the turf that is healthier, more resilient, and pest-resistant.

Benefits Of Organic Landscaping

Organic landscaping can be daunting or expensive at first sight, but the long-term value and benefits greatly outweigh the initial investment. The limited use of chemicals and sustainable practices preserve the natural water bodies in the neighborhood. There are no air pollution hazards with the use of natural fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers tend to release harmful gases in the atmosphere and reduce air quality. Organic landscaping techniques improve soil health and maintain greenery.

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