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Which Is Better Bamboo Or Cotton Sheets?

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Today people prefer the use of organic bamboo sheets, just like cotton sheets. Bamboo sheets are soft and comfortable. This makes it popular use as a bedding product. Some people prefer the use of cotton for its unique properties. Click website to know the difference between the two types of bedsheets. Are you confused about choosing the right and comfortable bedding material? Find more here,a detailed guide for choosing between bamboo fabric and cotton fabric bedding products.

Bamboo And Cotton Plants
Bamboo and cotton plants are cultivated all around the world. Bamboo is sustainable and possesses certain special properties. The Antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and soft characteristics of bamboo make it a preferred choice for bamboo fabric. Cotton is a less sustainable plant as it is grown with the use of lots of pesticides. Go for organic and chemical-free cotton for use in textile products.

Types of Bamboo and Cotton Sheets
You can decide on your bedding material based on the type of fiber available in the market.

Here is the list of different types of bamboo sheets and cotton sheets. They differ in their manufacturing process.

Bamboo sheet types include
Bamboo Rayon: It is also called viscose. A chemical process is carried out to manufacture this type of bamboo fabric. The use of toxic materials makes it an inorganic bedding fabric. Go for bamboo rayon manufactured using a mechanical method that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Tencel Bamboo: It is organic bamboo fiber. Non-organic solvents are used in their manufacturing process.

Bamboo Linen: It is a common bamboo sheet type. It is a mix of bamboo and cotton.

Cotton sheet types include
Egyptian Cotton: It is extremely soft and highly durable. It is quite expensive.

Pima Cotton: It is similar to Egyptian cotton but an affordable choice.

Regular Cotton: It is a popular type of cotton sheet made up of non-organic cotton.

Types of Weaves In Bamboo And Cotton Sheets
The type of weave decides the quality of bamboo and cotton sheets.

Types of weaves of bamboo sheets are
Percale: This type of weave gives a crisp look to your bedding. It is breathable and lightweight.

Sateen: This weave offers a silky and smooth look to your bamboo sheets.

Twill: This is a durable type of weave commonly used in bamboo bedding products.

Types of weaves of cotton sheets are
Percale: This weave makes cotton sheets breathable and absorbs moisture.

Sateen: This weave offers a lustrous look to your cotton sheets. It helps to retain more heat and is ideal for use in winter.

Twill: This type of weave looks like denim fabric. This makes the cotton sheet rough but highly durable.

Jersey: This weave of cotton sheets is more comfortable. You may feel like sleeping in your comfortable t-shirt.

Properties of Bamboo Sheets Vs. Cotton Sheets
Durability: Bamboo sheets are known for their high durability. Cotton sheets are durable too but highly-priced.

Comfort: Bamboo sheets are extremely soft and smooth. This makes it a comfortable bedding option. The type of weave decides the feel of a cotton sheet. Most of the cotton sheets are soft.

Cost: Bamboo sheets’ cost ranges from $50 to more than $200. Cotton sheets range from $50-$500.

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