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How To Protect Teeth With Dental Crowns?

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What Are Dental Crowns?

If you are struggling with a damaged or weakened tooth due to fractures, wear and tear, tooth decay, or extensive dental fillings, the effective way to protect your teeth will be to use dental crowns. Dental implant crowns in Hamilton cover a major portion of the teeth and improves the function and appearance. If you are looking for a lasting dental restoration rather than a frequent dental filling, dental crowns are the best option. As per Canadian Dental Association, if you do not give importance to your oral health, it may lead to severe infection. Read more here about how CDA is considering dental care for the citizens.

Dental Crowns Procedures

The Dental crown procedure is quite simple. Your dentist will first analyze your oral health. They will then clean the tooth enamel so that it can fit the dental crown. While reshaping the teeth, there might arise a situation where a minor filling is needed. Once the reshaping is done, your dentist might take an imprint of the teeth for creating a custom-made dental crown. It will not take more than a few minutes if you plan to get a same-day dental crown. However, if the dental crown is not ready at the dental laboratory, a temporary crown will be used until the custom-made crown is ready.

Advantages Of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is used to make a damaged or weakened tooth strong and is used when a patient has undergone procedures such as a root canal. Here are the benefits of dental crowns.

  • Restoration – By dental crowns, you can restore a damaged, worn, or broken teeth. Dental crowns can also help in restoring your chewing and biting functionality.
  • Great Appearance – Dental crowns enhances your smile and the appearance of teeth. Covering a damaged tooth with the right dental crown helps make your smile beautiful and gives you more confidence.
  • Complete Protection – A dental crown covers the entire tooth and ensures to give maximum protection. A normal filling, onlay, or inlay only gives protection to parts of the tooth. A dental crown also keeps the tooth safe from food particles, toxic saliva, acids, and bacteria.

How To Take Care Of The Dental Crowns

The lifespan of a dental crown can be up to 15 years if you take proper care of it. Here are the ways to look after the dental crown.

  • Maintaining good oral health is the key to long-lasting dental crowns. Brushing your teeth at least two times a day for a minimum of two minutes can make the dental crown durable.
  • Avoid having hard foods as they can break the crown.
  • If you are a sports person, the chances are high that you get teeth injury. It is advised to get a custom-made mouthguard fr protecting the crown.
  • Visiting your dental care at least once every six months can increase the durability of the dental crown.

If you prefer not to get any dental implants or crowns, the best way is to maintain good oral health and practice good dental hygiene.

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